Hendricks Chapel is the diverse religious, spiritual, ethical and cultural heart of Syracuse University that connects people of all faiths and no faith through active engagement, mutual dialogue, reflective spirituality, responsible leadership and a rigorous commitment to social justice.

Remembrance Scholars tribute

It's Remembrance Week at Syracuse University. Find a full schedule of events on campus and beyond here. Join us as we look back and act forward.

Giving to Hendricks Chapel

Support Hendricks Chapel! Our programs reach across disciplines to encourage critical thinking about the religious, spiritual, moral, and ethical issues of our time. We hope to create soulful citizens prepared to grapple with the human complexity of modern decision-making. Your gift is essential to our success. Thank you!

2018-2019 Hendricks Chapel Interfaith Calendar

The 2018-19 Hendricks Chapel Interfaith Calendar is available and free-of-charge to all. They include all religious holidays! Call, e-mail, or visit the Dean's Suite to get one soon.