Event Organizer and Guest Information

Accessibility: The Chapel’s accessible entrance is via the sidewalk leading to the north-east entrance (right side of our front steps). Beyond this entrance, we have an accessible restroom and elevator to the Noble Room and the Main Chapel. Accessible parking is available in the lots next to the Chapel and must be pre-arranged to accommodate all guests. 

Audio-Visual:  The Chapel recently upgraded its sound and light systems. These systems are operated by Chapel staff and/or our approved vendors. Most events in the Chapel spaces – both the Main Chapel and Noble Room – will require amplified sound. Sound and production needs should be planned several weeks in advance of your event to provide ample time for scheduling technical personnel and obtaining any needed equipment rentals. Fees for supporting audio-visual and technology needs during events will be included in event estimates and invoices.

Fees: Please review our fees list. Note that costs for repairs, extra clean-up, equipment replacement or other reasons related to an event will be charged to the event organizer.  

Fee Exemptions:  Religious groups affiliated with Hendricks Chapel and SU Registered Student Organizations will not be charged a room rental fee. Those organizations are still responsible for the services and expenses of an event, such as safety and security services, use of technology, equipment rental fees, accessibility services, event coordinator staffing. 

Food and Drink: Food and beverages are not allowed in the Main Chapel.  Food and beverages are allowed in the Noble Room.  Catering can be delivered and served from the foyer outside the Noble Room.

Parking: Hendricks Chapel parking is managed by Syracuse University's Parking and Transit Services department. The Chapel staff will coordinate with them, and with you, to create a parking plan that works best for your event, in sync with other events happening on campus. 

Presentations: Guest presenters should provide their presentation material to the Chapel Event staff at least one day in advance of their event so that the format can be tested on Chapel equipment.  Guest presenters or their designees should schedule a time to for an a/v and sound check prior to their event.

Printed Programs: Event organizers are responsible for providing and distributing any printed materials for events. All printed materials must properly align with the mission and vision of Hendricks Chapel. All printed materials must be removed from the Main Chapel at each event's conclusion, with respect to the next event happening in that space. 

Security/EMS: Hendricks Chapel is supported by the University's Department of Public Safety, SU Ambulance, and the SU Office of Fire Safety. Administrative departments should contact and hire these campus partners to support their events.

Setup: The Chapel is intended to be used “as-is” with limited decorations and no changes that would obscure or damage its architecture or fixtures.  Decorations should not be taped or affixed to walls or any elements of the Main Chapel or Noble Room.  Event organizers are responsible for communicating to Chapel Event Staff all space setup requests, stage plots, musician needs, accessible needs related to the pre-event set up. All requests will be reviewed. Setup details would include moving or removing a podium, chairs and furniture;  placing sound equipment and microphones (see above about AV); placing tables, screens, presentation equipment, and more. Fire codes require that aisles and exits be clear at all times.

Storage: Hendricks Chapel does not have sufficient storage space available for event materials or supplies, rented items, and other equipment. If Chapel chairs and furniture needs to be moved offsite and/or equipment brought in (such as concert risers), the University Facilities team will be hired and expenses included on event estimates and invoices.

Walk-Through: If you have not previously held an event in the Main Chapel, we recommend contacting for an orientation.