Deleha Decker ’23 reflects on Baptist Campus Ministry experience

Deleha Decker 23, a graphic design and information management major, was a communications intern with Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) throughout 2020. Deleha managed social media and graphic design for BCM, which included Christian Outreach events and Baptist Campus Church material. Deleha also curated and prepared teaching materials for online platforms. She excelled, deftly navigating the challenging communications environment.

Deleha recently reflected on her year as a BCM intern:

“The season in which I had my internship was full of learning and growth. It was during this time God literally turned my world upside down, but in the absolute most beautiful way. I learned more about myself, my identity and most importantly for the first time in my life, it felt like my relationship with the Lord became real.

The internship with BCM allowed me to grow and expand in areas I was less confident in. Through hands-on projects that were rooted in ministry, I was able to grow in my faith, and I was passionate because what I was doing was directly correlated with God. I wasn’t working to earn success or respect in a particular industry, I wasn’t trying to work my way up or climb the corporate ladder, instead, I was able to put my entire heart and soul into the work knowing I was learning more, growing in my relationship with the Lord and ultimately serving Him. This greatly aided in the transformation I experienced during quarantine and at the beginning of the fall semester of my sophomore year. I attribute this to the way God worked in and through me while participating in the internship.

BCM is a ministry that is very intentional about connecting with students and aiding them in becoming disciples as they serve others, share Christ and be the church wherever they go. I felt a strong bond with Chaplains Devon and Kate and they were never out of reach. Our relationship was personal, and I truly knew that they cared for me and my wellbeing. Being able to learn how to share my faith through posts, devotionals, videos, teachings, and more helped me to develop a confidence in sharing the gospel I never had, let alone ever thought I could have. Opening these doors was pivotal in shifting my mindset and dreams of the future. I honestly can’t wait to see where God will lead me.

It was during this internship that I was able to rediscover my love for learning and doing all things in my life -whether work or school- for the Lord.”

This semester, Deleha is serving as a graphic design intern at a multi-site church in North Carolina.