Event Fees


                           New Rates

Memorial Services

No charge for standard set-up fee


Hendricks Chapel (Rental Fee)

Internal SU Department or Office (per event)


Outside Agency (per event)


SU Student Organizations


Hendricks Chapel Registered Groups


Additional Charges

Risers (total)


Microphones (each)


Large Projection Screen




Laptop Rental


Flat Screen Rental


Event Management

$40.00 per hour

Event Staff – Student

$25.00 per hour

Event Production Fee


Turbo Sound monitor Wedges (2)


Passive Sound Floor Wedges (2) $150.00

8-Channel 25' microphone snake


Drum microphone Kit w/ shield $200.00

Technical Support for sound board

$50.00 per hour

Sound Board Set Up and Rental


Cancellation Fee (Internal  and External Groups)

Cancellation Fee (less than 72 hours)


Cancellation Fee  (no notice/no show)


Cancellation Fee (SU Student Groups)


Cancellation Fee (Religious Groups)