Meet Luke Ceccoli '23, SU Catholic student

From Luke Ceccoli '23, Martin J. Whitman School of Management student intending to double major in accounting and real estate:

"Growing up in a small town in Ohio and going through Catholic schooling K-12, my Catholic faith was something that was always a part of my identity. Freshman year here at Syracuse, though, my Catholic faith really began to waver as I went through the challenges every freshman faces in finding their true identity and self. Sure, I went to weekly Mass at Hendricks Chapel, but other than that I was doing the bare minimum. This was until Jeremiah Deep, Campus Minister at the SU Catholic Center, reached out to me about a formation group he was leading at the beginning of the last semester. I had zero expectations going into this, but quickly realized how beneficial this formation group would be for me and my faith.

From reading scripture, discussing ideas, and hearing faith testimonials from peers, I have been inspired to become more involved in the Catholic Center, and even start a small group of my own, along with my close friend Alex Dargis. In addition to this, I have become a more common face at the Catholic Center thanks to Father Gerry Waterman and his 'Pasta and Penance with Padre' every Monday. I am grateful to have met the people I have in this small group and in the Catholic Center, and hope to have the same impact on others with my small group this upcoming semester."