Student Assembly of Interfaith Leaders – Spring 2020 schedule

The Student Assembly of Interfaith Leaders (S.A.I.L.) welcomes student leaders from different religions, faith groups and cultures. We discuss many topics focused on how religions and faiths have influence society and modern life. Join us to discuss, learn and grow spiritually.


Meeting schedule for Spring 2020:

All meetings are from 5 to 6 p.m. in the Chaplains' Suite


February 2 – Introduction

Introduction of members and calendar


February 16 – Images

All major religions have made some use of religious images, although their significance and interpretation varies. How can we better understand these images and icons?


March 8 – Guest Talk

Guest speaker JoAnn Cooke, Buddhist Chaplain at Syracuse University will lead a conversation with the group.


March 29 – Stories

Stories that come to us in the form of mythology are important components of religions. Let’s discuss  messages hidden inside of these stories.


April 19 – Guest Talk

Guest speaker to be announced.


For more information or RSVP, please contact Akshay Bapat, Convener of S.A.I.L. at or Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz, Associate Dean of Hendricks Chapel, at