UMECM’s Student Ambassador

Written by Rev. Rhonda Chester, MDIV, United Methodist Ecumenical Chaplain


When I started my role here at Hendricks as UMECM’s chaplain, I met James Lu.

At the time, he was a sophomore and he was committed to the ministry of UMECM since he enrolled here at SU.

Over the years, James has been a reliable student and a dedicated leader to the group.
His proactive ways and kindness to everyone made for a refreshing relational experience.

James has now joined the ranks of people who are called SU Alums. He graduated with high honors on May 11 from the iSchool. James received the prestigious John Weitzel Award for Information Systems, an award that recognizes students who exhibit excellence in information systems through course work or research projects. The honor is in memory of former faculty member John Weitzel.

James claimed in his speech at UMECM’s graduation gathering that “Rhonda has positively impacted my life through her sermons and our one-on-one spiritual guidance sessions over the years. I am grateful to have been a part of UMECM because I have grown closer to God.”

While I am proud that James is going into the world to make a difference in information technology, I am equally proud that he is going out into the world as a whole person who is deeply rooted and grounded in his faith. It brings me great honor to have been a part of his spiritual formation.

May the best of everything be yours as you continue your journey, James! Congratulations from your UMECM family!