Courageous Conversations

Hendricks Chapel launched Courageous Conversations, an open space for campus community members to come together to talk, build connections, and promote understanding.

The conversations offer a space where students, faculty and staff can engage in meaningful, helpful dialogue about the issues that matter most to them.  Thus far, conversations were held on Jan. 18 and Feb. 1, with a number of campus community members engaged in the conversations.  The next Courageous Conversation is Tuesday, Feb. 21, in the Life Sciences Atrium from 6 to 8 p.m.  Food is provided.

The first two Courageous Conversations began with one question – what are your hopes and fears for the future of our country.  Our next conversation topic is '(Re)Defining Freedom.’  While each conversation is different, the opportunity to speak, listen and be heard is consistent throughout.

Please check back as dates, locations and times will be posted here when confirmed.