Hendricks Chapel


Sponsored by the Church of the Greenwood (http://www.greenwoodpagans.org/), the campus chaplaincy is to help students of various pagan spiritual paths to reach out for community, ritual, and to recognize rites of passage. Members may be monotheistic or polytheistic. We are dedicated to achieving the full potential inherent in all beings.

Central New York Autumn Equinox Festival and Pagan Pride Day


  • Mary Hudson, HPs
    Telephone: (315) 443-2062
    E-Mail: mkhudson@syr.edu
    Office Hours: Wednesdays 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., or call/email for an appointment.

SPIRAL Weekly Meetings:

  • Hendricks Chapel, Strates Room – 7 p.m., Mondays

Ritual Schedule:

Exact ritual dates and times are determined on a semester basis. For more information please contact Mary Hudson. A general calendar of ritual dates are as follows:

Great Days:

  • Samhain – October 31
  • Yule – December 21
  • Imbolc – February 1
  • Ostara – March 21
  • Beltainne – May 1
  • Midsummer (Litha) – June 21
  • Lughnasaddh – August 1
  • Mabon – September 21

Full Moons: According to the lunar calendar

Other Rituals may be scheduled depending upon need.

Mary Hudson
Mary Hudson
Pagan Chaplain

Mary Hudson
Mary Hudson
Pagan Chaplain