Guidelines for Photographers and Videographers
All photographers/videographers are to make contact with the resident Chaplain or wedding administrator immediately as they arrive for the event.  All operators of cameras, including video, movie and still cameras are required to follow these guidelines:

  1. All cameras will be confined to specified areas. Locations permitted for cameras will be the balconies and on the main floor under the east balcony. Sound jacks are provided for your use in the north and south balconies. Sound jacks and electrical outlets are available in the east balcony. A stationary video camera is permitted in the choir area or in the north and south transepts. No photographers or videographers will be allowed to roam in the sanctuary during the ceremony, particularly in places where they will obstruct view or serve as a distraction.
  2. Photographs of the processional may be taken at the head of the aisle with the permission of the Hendricks Chapel host or wedding coordinator in consultation with the officiating clergy person or Justice of the Peace.
  3. No flash or supplemental lighting can be used for photographic purposes during the conducting of the wedding ceremony. It is permissible to use flash if the wedding party assembles specifically for the taking of photographs either prior to the ceremony or directly following the ceremony. It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to see the clergy is informed prior to the ceremony if they desire his or her presence for photographs at the end of the service.
  4. Violations of these regulations will result in the photographer, videographer or photographic company being banned from covering weddings in Hendricks Chapel.
  5. Please ask your friends and family members to refrain for taking any flash pictures or videos.
  6. The photographer/videographer is accountable to the Hendricks Chapel host, wedding coordinator or resident chaplain.


Wedding Photographers Who Have Worked with Hendricks Chapel:

BACH Photo Images (North Syracuse)

(315) 452-1279

Baker Photography

(315) 638-0812

Hawley Studio

(315) 488-5429

Rachael Niles Photography

(315) 412-1142

Rebecca’s Photography

(315) 234-6055

Sauro Photographic Art

(315) 422-8877